My Latest Work in Progress

Trusting a Thief, a historical novel set in World War II England

When an orphan girl robs London’s Chief of Police, he sees her potential and ropes her into spy work. But Lily Scarlett, still a thief at heart, has other plans.

Lily ages out of the children’s home in 1943 when World War II is in full swing, and her only option is to work for the police chief who had sponsored her education until she could become his apprentice. But the man she meets is not what she’d expected. Chief Rooker rubs shoulders with German spies, hides his family connections, and knows way too much about everyone – including her. She’s intrigued, and begins working for the man, if only to figure out who he is.

Chief Rooker sends Lily on assignments to spy on the spies, checking up on Britain’s double agents. Disguised in disguises including a pregnant street waif, as a pregnant street waif, a budding starlet, and then a well-to-do neighbor, Lily must find the one leak in their double-agent spy system before the big deception that may end the war with Germany. In return, Chief Rooker promises to locate her mother and give them both the easy, respectable life Lily’s always wanted. And forget to send her to jail for a life of pickpocketing.

Just as she begins trusting her sponsor, she finds out just how much he’s hiding from her. He has secrets about her mother, her best friend, and even her own childhood.

As her trust in him begins to unravel, she finds the “leak” – a man she’s come to adore. Does she protect this gentle man who is doing what he considers right, or does she turn him in and help her country and save herself?


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