City Girl Moves to the Country

What on earth would possess a girl to move from the city of Chicago to the country? I mean, if she can swing a place in the city, why not just stay there?

Well, I got married.

So what have I learned about living in the country?

-it’s not any quieter at night, but instead of hearing cars and sirens and yelling kids, you hear crickets and bullfrogs.

-Parking under a tree of any sort is a bad idea. Unless you like animal droppings as décor, of course.

-There are ridiculous amounts of things for a dog to find and eat or roll in.

-Overalls actually are useful – those pockets held all the garden produce used for dinner tonight!

-Dirt and spiders are a regular part of living in the country – both inside and out.

-Water does sometimes have a taste – unfortunately, it resembles rotten eggs (until you get the well running for a bit)

-Worms are not the enemy here. Unless they’re inside.

-Climbing trees are a great idea – but the vines wrapped around them are not.

-The dog cannot actually catch a wild animal, now that he’s given ample opportunity.

-Food tastes better eaten outside, at sunset, with clean air and open fields and trees as a backdrop.

-Marriage starts out well with lots of alone time.

-My husband is an excellent gardener and cooker of fresh food.

-I have everything I need right at my fingertips – between the garden and the silence and hubs.

-There’s a lot of work to living in the country.

-The above mentioned work is almost always completed by my husband.

-I’m right where I belong.

Check out this ridiculousness!


2 thoughts on “City Girl Moves to the Country

  1. Sounds like you’re having fun! We recently moved from a busy area to the suburbs. There are toads, like just hanging out on the sidewalks. And I’ve seen, in just our yard, two deer, one groundhog (glad my husband was there or else I would have misidentified it), and a rabbit. I’m seriously not used to this.


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