True Stories – Sharon, my unplanned wedding planner

I post these blogs whenever I happen upon an act of kindness–especially if it has some unique twist. Sometimes they’re people I know, and sometimes just strangers whose kindness I witness. These are the people that represent Jesus to the rest of us, and they think no one’s looking.


Sharon helped me plan my entire wedding from out of state. She helped me pick a veil and jewelry, narrowed down the dress decision, took care of more details than I even realized should be taken care of.

Sharon has been a good friend since about high school. We always pick up where we left off, and we seem to share each other’s trials. We pop in and out of each other’s lives, always knowing the other will be there if we need her. We’ve had weekend getaways, shopping trips, and long talks on the phone.

This time, it was my wedding. I’m a horrible organizer. I mean… horrible. Sharon came alongside me, even from across state lines, and “handled” everything. She made my bouquets, curled my hair, and helped with a million little things I’d never remember to do. And then, when a number of non-wedding catastrophes hit a few days before, she was there to drill some sense into me and hug me. She was like my wedding planner and support system all rolled into one fun person.


While helping me plan my wedding, Sharon had a lot happening in her own life. She truly was experiencing a difficult season. But how did she deal with all that? She leaped right in to help her old friend. Instead of focusing on herself, she worked through her own stress by taking on some of mine, and serving me. She stepped outside of her own problems to help this disorganized bride organize her life and keep up with the demands of preparing for a wedding. She set aside her own struggles to be the friend I needed.

All friends should be like that. Just my opinion.


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