True Story: Love Banner from World War II

Betty Glunz wasn’t confident in her marriage. Did her soft-spoken husband really love her? Loud and vivacious, Betty didn’t know what to make of her new husband’s lack of exuberance for her.Their dating life had been very short-only a handful of meetings. Had she misjudged his affections for her?

Then the German troops invaded Poland and forced the Jewish residents into concentration camps. Betty was separated from her husband, and their short relationship hardly felt like a real marriage. In the camp, she soon had herself convinced that the marriage was a sham and she should go on with life as a single woman. He’d barely spoken of loving her. Had never even said the words.

Betty had the good fortune to be one of the Schindlerjuden, Jews who lived and worked in one of Schindler’s work camps. The residents of Emalia and Brunnlitz were largely protected from the crematoriums, the harsh conditions, and the Germans. But Betty still had an ache inside.

When food became scarce, the camp received a large shipment of food from one of the parent camps–the one that held Betty’s husband. When she realized they had food at his camp, something in her relaxed and a weight lifted, and she realized she cared about him so more than she wanted to admit. Before she had time to process this, she caught sight of one of the crates dropped from the train car. Painted on the side in big white letters were the words, “I LOVE BETTY GLUNZ.”

The best words ever from her not-so-silent husband, and they brought tears to her eyes.


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