True Story: Baby Rescue

Are you a mother if you carry someone else’s child?


At least, yes for Crystal Kelley. She was hired to carry another couple’s child, and signed forms waiving all her rights to the baby. She kept her end of the deal until she realized these parents had plans for this child she couldn’t bear. A routine ultrasound revealed the child—a little girl—had physical deformities. With news of a cleft pallet and other issues that would impact the child’s quality of life, the couple chose to terminate the pregnancy, but Crystal Kelley knew God had bigger plans for the little life inside her. She did more than say “no” to the couple—she packed up her family and moved to a state that gave her a say in this baby’s life, all so she could give birth to the girl God had created. Crystal saw that, despite the child’s deformities, she had worth. God made her, and God never makes mistakes.

This story has mesmerized me for months, but it especially resonates with me today. Good Friday. The day that Satan pointed a finger at me, at all of us, and said, “Look. She is deformed by sin. She will never live the life she was intended for.”

And that’s true. Sin has deformed us. But God stepped up and said, “I see value in her. She was not created by accident, and I have a plan for her, despite her deformity.”

The little girl was born and given for adoption to a family who promised to love her, who wanted her. And so are we. We were rescued, adopted, and loved on. No matter who rejects us or tells us we’re deformed, who better than the God of the universe to really love us? To draw us to Him and give us life?

Thank You, Lord, for seeing value in me. Thank You for looking past my deformities.

Thank You for rescuing me.

Note: This baby picture is courtesy of my wonderful writer friend Carol Moncado. 🙂


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