True Story: Some decisions are easy

I’m creative, I’m ditzy, I’m stubborn, I’m scatterbrained. And worst of all, I’m a writer, with all the crazy ups and downs that goes along with the publishing world. I needed someone TOTALLY different than me. And that’s exactly who I got.

He hates books. I write books. He delves into my writing projects and becomes as involved as I am. We brainstorm, critique, revise, etc. You don’t need to be a bibliophile to do that… just a good husband.

He understands how things work. I’m clueless about all things mechanical. Let me tell you, this opposite is HUGE when my car with 174,000 miles has issues. I get expert advice, a car fixer, and a rescue 🙂

He likes to tickle, and I’m …..


We’ve been through so much for one year–saying goodbye to both my grandparents, welcoming a new family member (little dog Mellie) and buying our first (fixer upper) home. So much more that I won’t post about now.

Today’s our first anniversary, and I thought it would fade by now. At least a little. I know we’re still in the honeymoon phase, but really, it can never be as good as it was at the beginning, right? But I still get giddy when I hear him tromp down the stairs. I still giggle when he winks at me.

And at the end of the day, he still looks at me like this. Every day.

Politano0295“So Vince, what do you want for an anniversary present?”

“Happiness! I want you to be happy.”

Done. Thanks to Vince.


4 thoughts on “True Story: Some decisions are easy

  1. Oh, I love this, Joanna. What a beautiful tribute to your relationship. I am so happy for you! Everyone deserves this kind of relationship. Happy Anniversary! May the giddy feelings never cease. 🙂


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