True Story: Turning a corner in my life

Ok, folks. It’s long overdue that I turn a corner here. I’ve worked hard for years to become an adult, holding down the residence/job/pet thing, and now marriage. I’ve kept a budget. I clean my house. Many of you know I even went through several rough years not long ago. Yes, I think I’ve grown up a little since childhood.

And now it’s time to reverse that. It’s time I grew down, regressed and became a kid again.


I will delight in stories, relish in the small wonders , scrape my knee, laugh at Dr. Seuss, and climb a lot of trees.


I won’t sweat the small stuff. Really, I won’t.

I’ll make it a priority to notice little bugs and wild flowers.


It’s worth it, just to break a few rules. Vince and I will both make sure to do that a few times.


After all, he’s a big kid himself. Together we’re just a pair of kids in love.


Maybe I’ll re-learn how to curtsey (thanks, cousin David, for teaching me the first time when I was three)    :o)

I hope I can even rejuvenate that child-like faith. I read once that the door to heaven is low, meaning one has to stoop low as a child, with humility, to enter.


In this new path, I can’t wait to explore everything with new eyes, to laugh at adults and their worries, and make playtime one of the primary parts of the day. I’m bursting with excitement. I can’t WAIT to be a kid again.

After all, I have the best excuse to digress to childhood.

I get to be a MOM!!!


Vince and I are excited to announce we’re going to be parents!! Coming in six months!


19 thoughts on “True Story: Turning a corner in my life

  1. I am so excited for you guys! It was 31 and 1/2 years ago I told my mom that you were on the way. Now….it’s your turn….what fun times!


  2. What a beautiful way to announce your happy news!! So happy for you both. And here’s the only advice this mom of three will give you: 1) If it’s too quiet in an awake toddler’s room, get in there quick! 2) Always pack a change of clothes for baby – and you. 3) If you have a boy, always check pockets for rocks, mulch, or small animals before washing jeans. If you have a girl, check them for your missing chapstick. And 4) Children are a gift. Jesus loves them dearly, just as you will. Be blessed, my friend. I heart you.


    • Thanks, dear friend! Your advice is so perfect, and I look forward to rock-filled pockets and that panic when things are too quiet. I’m sure I’ll be asking you for MUCH more advice too!! So happy to have you as a writing buddy!! 🙂


  3. How exciting! I’m so glad that you’re going to get to experience the thrills and spills of having a little one! I love your story and now I have found your blog! Looking forward to reading many more true stories!!!!


    • Ok well chapstick is more up my alley than lipstick… I think I still have some bright red my gramma gave me in gradeschool… maybe. SOOO looking forward to seeing you girls soon!!! So blessed to count you all as friends.


    • Thanks, Becky! I can’t wait 🙂 I’m a richly blessed girl already. Glad you liked the photos. I do wish I could be elegant and ladylike, but as the photos show… I’m just a bit of a goofball–or a kid 🙂


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