True Stories: 2014 In Review

What a difference one tiny person can make in your life. Looking back at where I was at the start of 2014, everything has done a 180. Here’s a quick comparison:

In January 2014:

-pregnant and coping with morning sickness

-working at a nonfiction publishing company, as an editor and writer, commuting 42 miles

-living in the walkout basement while the upstairs remained under construction

-no Christmas tree or decorations due to lack of energy and space

-convinced Vince was the best thing since sliced bread

2013-09-20 16.27.59 1654215_10151847941071184_251068638_n


In January 2015:

-cuddling a beautiful baby girl every day, no more morning sickness

-working from home, as an editor and writer. Also, a ball-thrower, spit-up wiper, diaper-changer, funny-face maker, little piggy-counter, and off-key lullaby singer. Commuting… to the living room.

-living on both floors of the house, with the upstairs beautifully finished with hardwood and carpet and fresh paint. Both floors are now filled with baby items, but are usable and not under construction.

-ridiculous amounts of holiday cheer, Christmas trees and lights, erupting all over our house, for the benefit of someone’s first Christmas

-Still convinced Vince is the best thing since sliced bread.

2014-03-08 10.34.34


Ok, so the little one doesn’t change everything. But she has changed the contents of our house, our schedules, our work life, and our daily routine. But you know what? That’s ok. They are WONDERFUL changes. Let me tell you, when that baby smiles up at you, her whole face lit up with childish joy, every single sacrifice and life change seems tiny in comparison.

In other news, several of my critique partners have released their debut books– Kristy Cambron, Dawn Crandall, and Carol Moncado. I had a double-semi-final in Genesis, a writing contest of ACFW. I also got to attend the September conference in St. Louis, thanks to my wonderful hubby and his sister Cil, who took care of Elena. My brother also bought his first house and completed his beautiful photography studio. Vince built a gorgeous deck on the back of the house that overlooks the creek and the back woods.


Our upstairs is now complete! We went from paneled walls and orange shag carpeting to something that looks a little more normal–

2013-12-19 23.56.54













We took a family vacation to the Ozark Mountains–Branson, MO. Vince attended a work seminar while baby and I played. I got to see critique partner Carol Moncado TWICE!! She showed up and cheered my heart for several hours of hangout and writing talk in a much-needed time–the way good friends do 🙂





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