True Stories: The story behind the novel cover!

I’m pleased to show you all the gorgeous, shadowy, elegant cover for Lady Jayne Disappears! Take a peek at this loveliness and then read on for the details.


“Most rumors about Lady Jayne came from men who could not have her or women who could not compete with her.”

This novel is the story of Lady Jayne—tragic heroine of a Victorian serial novel and mysterious beauty who lit up an entire summer and then disappeared.

But mostly, it’s the story of Aurelie Harcourt. The young writer who grew up in debtor’s prison is on a mission to finish her father’s novel about Lady Jayne and to find the real woman behind this story.

Because Lady Jayne is Aurelie’s mother.

Every girl, if she did not have a mother, sooner or later required an explanation as to why.”

The shadowy Lady Jayne, whose face is not quite revealed on this cover, has been an object of mystery to Aurelie her entire life, and our heroine has longed to fill in the pieces of this woman she’s never met and have a complete picture of her. This novel is Aurelie’s journey to understand who her mother was and what happened to her, while also trying to find her place in her mother’s elegant world where she doesn’t belong.

This cover captures the mystery element of the book as well as the elegance and illusive quality Lady Jayne possesses. Even the little earring features her signature color–purple. I’m so thankful for the designers who created this beautiful cover, this work of art, to represent my story. I only hope the novel inside lives up to it!

I can’t wait to share my debut book with you all! It will release on October 3, and that seems so far away, but it’s nothing when you consider I’ve been waiting for this day for years 🙂

Thank you all so much for stopping in for a peek at my cover. I’d really like to hear what you all think of it, or of the story itself, so feel free to leave a comment.





19 thoughts on “True Stories: The story behind the novel cover!

  1. I just picked your novel up tonight at the library BECAUSE of how intriguing the cover is! I cannot wait to get started! I’m a huge fan family mysteries and I’ve been in a book drought for the past couple of weeks so finding your novel was serendipitous. 🙂


  2. I found Lady Jayne Disappears at the library. Within three pages I was hooked. I googled you only to discover this is your first book. It is an amazing book, but I was hoping for several books. I get hooked on an author and then zoom through every thing they write. I hope you write fast! I am already dreading finishing LJD.


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