The prayer promise

Prayer is amazingly powerful, and I’m a serious prayer warrior. You won’t catch me carelessly throwing around the phrase, “I’ll be praying for you.” Pointless words, unless there’s sincerity behind them.

So my promise to you is this. No matter who you are, stranger or friend, longtime believer in Christ or far from God, if you ask me to pray for you, I will do it. Your name and prayer request will go on my whiteboard in my kitchen, where it will then be verbalized before God and sent heavenward on your account. All you have to do is shoot me an email with as much or as little information as you desire.


One thought on “The prayer promise

  1. excellent … such a challenge … God give you the strength to pray for all those who need it … It can get dicey when God sends you people! Blessings on your day!


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